Soft Top Club Beam by Spieth |

'Soft Top' Club Beam


Your athletes are sure to love this beam with its forgiving surface and ease of adjustability. It is a great tool for learning new skills as the extra soft padding and hygroscopic material is much more forgiving to land on then the traditional naugahyde material we are use to.

  • Soft training balance beam with easily adjustable legs
  • Aluminium core with very elastic filling
  • Great shock absorption for high training frequency with low impact
  • Height adjustment: 50 to 90 cm per 10 cm, 90 to 130 cm per 5 cm
  • Meets Specs for competition
  • Comfortable, soft top
  • Simple to adjust in height
  • Feet remain in position upon height adjustment
  • Mats can be left safely in place at any height
  • Height adjustment from 50 to 130 cm