20 cm CLM (Competition Landing Mats) | www.easupply.net

20cm Competition Landing Mat

  • Top layer of 1.375" crosslink
  • Supported by a 8.9cm (3.5") thick layer of prime 75 ILD polyfoam
  • Bottom layer of 7.62cm (3") of prime 36 ILD poly-foam
  • Covers are fabricated exclusively from rugged 18 oz
  • Vinyl coated polyester
  • 2" wide nylon webbing handles are strategically placed
  • Solid vinyl surface on top and bottom, NO seams in landing areas
  • 4" wide loop fastener sewn on the short sides for use under the uneven bars
  • Loop fastener can be sewn on long sides for an additional charge
  • Connector flaps may be ordered separately
  • Standard color is Royal Blue
  • Other colors are also available at no additional charge
  • Meets or exceeds existing specifications for competition equipment
  • 6'x12', 6'x15.5',7.5'x12', 7.5'x15.5', 8'x12', 8'x15.5', 8'x18'
  • Other sizes available on request
  • Connector Strips sold sepratl

NOTE: 7.5' Width mats are typically used under uneven bars as they fit between the bases without interfering. 8' wide mats will fit under U-Base and High bar the like with out interference, however will NOT fit under Uneven Bar sets. The 8'x18' mat is the required mat for the Vault landing area.