Brokering Equipment

We are happy to help you clear your gym of the old so you can bring in the new! We will happily broker your equipment for you getting it out to the people who are looking for it! From listing to arranging shipping we take care of it all! We only charge a small broker fee of 25% to help you get what you really want. Take the cold hard cash and run or put it towards the shiny and new! We're here to help you!

Design & Layout Services

Looking to build a new gym? Wanting to change your layout or just feel like you could get better use of your space? EAS can help you design and layout your facility to fit your exact needs. We have completed several projects some of which include the new South Bay YMCA facility in Chula Vista, CA, Magdalena ECKE YMCA in Carlsbad, CA, Gymnastics USA in Winter Garden FL just to name a few of the most recent.

By providing us with an accurate drawing of your building, our engineer will then lay out the exact specs of your gym down to every detail, including where the bar cables will go. Not sure what you want? No problem, we can send you a layout that we think is effective and you can let us know what to change.

You get a blue print sized printed copy of the file as well as the PDF files. Even better, if you decide to go with us for your equipment needs for that facility (new builds only) we will credit you 50% of the initial design fee back towards your purchase**.

Fees for design and layout services are as follows.
$500.00 Initial Design
1st Change Fee - Free
Any change fee thereafter - $50.00

** Only the initial design fee is redeemable towards new equipment. Must purchase all equipment included in initial quote from EAS.

Design services are only that, we do not provide stamped drawings for construction, nor are we responsible in any way for any knowledge of any building codes or other codes that could slow construction. Our services are merely a guideline for the layout of the facility.

Consulting Services

Over time we have build up a great knowledge base of gym equipment, facility management, design, layout, and even program instruction.

We are happy to sit down with you and discuss your goals, and how best for you to reach your goals. We can review layouts, help with space efficiency, and even help you with the documentation to provide your superiors that may need a little convincing as to why you really do need more space. What ever your needs are we can help you put together the data to get you and your program moving forward.

And when your ready for help installing that new gym and having someone there to make sure things are in the right locations, we're there for that too! We are happy to come in and consult with your parent groups or whom ever you might have working with you, just to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible. We'll even help you through the glitches that do come up.

Consulting fee is as follows

Our consulting fees do not include travel fees can vary depending on the location of which you require our services.