Climbing Rope


Manila Ropes – Traditional superior quality 3 strand 1 1/2" diameter pure "Grade A" manila rope complete with specially designed eye fitting ready for easy installation to your ceiling attachment. This natural fiber rope absorbs perspiration for the best grip and is extremely durable.

"Polyplus" Ropes – New "polyplus" Climbing Ropes introduces an extremely soft 1 1/2" diameter rope material which has an extremely strong and lightweight polypro core with a soft and durable polyester outside jacket layer similar to the feel of cotton or dacron.

Climbing ropes can be ordered with your choice of

  • whipped end
  • polyboot end
  • leather seat in a turk head knotted end or
  • braided end.
Ropes are stocked in 18' standard lengths
Add additional foot charge for longer than 18' ropes
Shorter ropes also available upon request
Custom size ropes are non-returnable