Recreational Trampoline


9'x14' Rectangular (6'x12' Bed)

  • 72 Square Feet Jumping Surface
  • Frame Size - 9'3"x14'x3"
  • 36" High
  • Bed Size - 6'x12'
  • Spring Count – 96

10'x17' Rectangular (7'x14' Bed)

  • 98 Square Feet Jumping Surface
  • Frame Size - 10'3"x16'x3"
  • 36" High
  • Bed Size - 7'x14'
  • Spring Count - 108
  • All units come complete with full pads, which cover the frame and springs.
  • Pads are 1" thick polyethylene, closed cell foam that resists moisture absorption.
  • Impact absorbing pads cushion against shock and spring back into shape.
  • Tramp Master covers the pads with a vinyl that has properties equal to a 22 oz. material.
  • Bungee cord attachments secure pads firmly to frame and allow the pads to be reversible.
  • For safety our standard trampoline pads do not cover the corners. There are no springs in the corners to support the pads, if covered and a jumper steps there they could fall through.
CORNER PADS (fits Tramp Master units only)
  • Corner pads wrap around corner radius for added protection.
  • Easy velcro attachment
  • Tramp Master includes these on all of our standard trampolines.
CORNER COVERS (fits Tramp Master units only)
  • Optional, Tramp Master corner covers are available to fill in the open corner spaces.
  • Corner covers wrap around the corner pads.
  • They are made from the same polypropylene material as the bed.
  • The corner springs hold the corner covers securely in place.

Set of 4 - $60.00

  • Tramp Master frames are constructed of domestic structural grade, 11 & 12 gauge steel tubing.
  • Metal gussets are incorporated into side rail V frame to fill voids.
  • ZigZag wire (1/4" round rod) is welded to the frame for easy spring assembly, disassembly, sound frame construction, and greater distribution of wear.
  • The frames feature a black baked-on powder coat finish.
  • The standard trampoline comes stock with the black poly bed.
  • This trampoline comes standard with 9" springs.
  • Tramp Master's 8 piece sleeve construction frame makes it easy to transport, assemble, disassemble, and store