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Atomik Bombs


Want to become the next ninja warrior? Then you need some bombs! A variety of sizes allow you to adapt your workout. Sold in pairs these are sure to be a hit at the gym, have competitions, set up obstacle courses and more. Hang these anywhere!

  • Work shoulders, grip and core in a dynamic, efficient manner.
  • Safe, open-hand design so tendons lay ergonomically.
  • Spherical shape increases forearm and grip strength, boosting endurance.
  • Switch from pull-up, to chin-up, to biceps-pull without regrouping.
  • Small (2.5") Bombs are smaller than a tennis ball, X-Large (6") are just a bit smaller then a volleyball
  • Hang Bombs from pull-up bars, rafters, doorways, playgrounds...
  • Dynamic and efficient
  • Safe, ergonomic design
  • Increase grip strength
  • Boost endurance
  • Chin or pull on the fly

Production Note: Each Atomik Bomb has a horizontal seam from the manufacturing process, which does not compromise the quality of this product and will not interfere with your workout experience.

Sold in Pairs!